Dating 201 - Dating Tips for 40+ and 50+ Men

That is the title of my book - currently in production mode and my aim is to publish it by end of the financial year 2017.
I will be blogging my journey - either via this site or via my YouTube channel. So if you are interested to follow me around and find out my progress, click the button below.

Book Writing Progress

Welcome to my site

Thank you for dropping by and visiting my site. This is a personal site and you will find mostly information on my current pursuits (such as self-publishing a book), plenty of product reviews (on this blog and on my YouTube channel), as well as blogs on life in general.

This is an updated site and hence you will find I have published a few posts from 2014. I have also maintained about 4 blogs in the past – but because I have not been consistent maintaining those have died of natural death.Β  Most recently, I have been itching to write again – and I felt the need to share a lot of my thoughts online and so I have decided to revive all my social media and start over.

And as part of starting over – I have reverted back to my maiden name Marissa Bermusa SALVIA. Legally I’m still using McCauley – but in my social and online circle I have now changed by personal brand to Marissa Salvia. Oh it feels great to honour Mom and Dad’s names again.

Hopefully, the site is easy to navigate: there’s the menu tab at the top and all recent posts below. All my social media links are at the bottom right-side. I am learning new skills as I update my social media – and because I do everything it has been a steep learning curve. Nevertheless, I am enjoying it – seeing a finished product and knowing that there are plenty more tips to learn excites me.


I do have a YouTube channel and this channel is about my life in general - to share about my passion for make-up/cosmetics, fashion, accessories, amongst others. My aim is to share my findings and also to inspire others to document/share their life in the online world - as I have growned and learned so much from a lot of ordinary people on YouTube who continually to upload inspiring and entertaining videos.

I would greatly appreciate it if you visit the channel and subscribe (it is FREE to subscribe :).

Please note though that my last upload was from almost a year ago!!! I have been hibernating and didn't have the motivation to produce videos for the past year or so. But I will resume with filming soon.

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